Why can we reach the market faster than most Biotech companies and other Medtech ?

In the fast-evolving world of healthcare, distinguishing between the development timelines of different MedTech and Biotech products is key.

Let’s explore why MedTech products such as BioMAdvanced Diagnostics reach the market more swiftly than others, and on average, than their biotech counterparts.


Some MedTech products, encompassing a wide range of health devices and diagnostic tools such as those developed by BioMAdvanced Diagnostics, can benefit from a more “Agile” development pathway. The primary reason lies in the nature of these products themselves. MedTech innovations often involve physical devices or digital solutions that can be iteratively designed, prototyped, and tested with relatively clear parameters for success.

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics has used this early iterative process.

Rapid adjustments and advancements under the “Agile” methodology ultimately significantly shorten the time from concept to commercialization while ensuring the highest adequation level to the healthcare practitioners needs.

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics engaged healthcare professionals and patients’ associations in the design and testing phases, incorporating valuable insights that enhance usability and effectiveness. This direct engagement not only refines the product but also builds a foundation for adoption and advocacy once the product is launched.

In contrast, other MedTech products or biotech products, which respectively typically involve high degree of invasiveness for the 1st ones and manipulating biological systems or organisms for the second, face longer development timelines. The complexity of mechanical or biological interactions in the development, extends the journey from the laboratory to the market.


  Regulatory bodies have established clear guidelines for a range of medical devices, allowing for a more straightforward approval process. While increasingly rigorous, especially with the arrival of the new European Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR), this framework still often leads to quicker market entry for certain MedTech products compared to other or to biotech products, which all may be requiring extensive clinical trials to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics which develops non interventional products   leverages the benefits of rapid clinical trials compounded by the use of bio-collections.


While both MedTech and biotech sectors are vital to advancing healthcare, the inherent differences in product development, regulatory pathways, and user engagement can contribute to the faster pace at which some MedTech products such as those developed by BioMAdvanced Diagnostics can be introduced to the market.

This speed is crucial for meeting immediate healthcare needs and fostering innovation in medical technology. As we continue to navigate the challenges of healthcare, understanding these dynamics helps certain investors and collaborators in the pharmaceutical and medical fields make informed decisions about where to direct their support and resources.