Wondering how we’re able to process our clinical trials at such a rapid pace?

The secret lies in Bio-collections (or Biobanks).

These collections of samples (blood, biopsies, etc.) and clinical data, gathered from patients recruited without bias, enable us to expedite processes and tap into a vast pool of patients.

Speed and Savings

Bio-collections enable BioMAdvanced Diagnostics to shorten the recruitment and the observation time, tap on large pool of patients and simplifies the administrative burden as most of it was already incurred to constitute the Bio-collection itself. These combined effects also cut significantly the costs of the needed studies.

How did it translate for us ?

✔ In just few months in 2023 à our subclinical kidney rejection test validated on a 1st multicentric clinical study on 421 patients.

✔Finished within less than a year à a second prospective multicentric international clinical study

✔Our chronic lung rejection test 1st multicentric international study expected to be performed in a few months as well

About our bio-collections

The Nantes CHU (*) has provided us with access to valuable bio-collections of samples from patients who have undergone kidney and lung transplantation.

(*) as a reminder BioMAdvanced Diagnostics is a spinoff from the CR2TI (Centre de Recherche Translationnelle en Transplantation et Immunologie, UMR 1064, INSERM – Nantes University) and from the University Hospital (CHU) of Nantes.

Why isn’t every company needing clinical studies doing the same? Because this approach only works for non-interventional products like in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

So stay tune for clinical studies news towards the end of 2024!