Our software is now fully protected

[IP Policy] After having successfully passed a 3rd wave of testing it was about time to protect it. The full code and the user interface design has been deposited with the Agence pour la Protection des Programmes (APP).

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics develop an innovative IVD platform that combines patented reagents kits and a proprietary cloud-based software. The software computes the scores that clinicians use to support their clinical decisions. And is consequently a key element of our solution.

We had already patented the kits and our algorithms. However, the software piece cannot be patented. Software requires a different type of Intellectual Protection : copyrights. This is what we just did.

About the APP :

The APP is a European organization for the protection of authors and publishers of digital creations, since 1982. Their solutions enables the deposit of all types and all size of content as software, mobile applications, databases, websites and strategic contents. 

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office has released a few weeks ago a “Notice of Allowance and Fees Due” relative to one of the 2 patents application regarding the Lung test, “Methods and Compositions for Predicting Chronic Allograft Dysfunction”.