[Patent] Important news for our development in the US

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has released a few weeks ago a “Notice of Allowance and Fees Due” relative to one of the 2 patents application regarding the Lung test, “Methods and Compositions for Predicting Chronic Allograft Dysfunction”.

This patent, for which BioMAdvanced Diagnostics has an exclusive licence, covers the use of the expression of 2 specific genes. The USPTO had already granted a 1st patent on the use of expression of 1st gene and this notification is directed to the 2nd gene expression use.

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics intends to pay the requested fees in due time and does not expect any issue preventing the definitive grant.

🚀This is very exciting news, especially in light of further IP developments which we will shortly disclose.

🙏Many thanks to Elise Petit-Rodat and Antoine Vialle from SATT Ouest Valorisation, to Manon Bonneton from ICOSA and of course our co-founder Richard Danger for their contribution to this result!