Usability Testing

Crucial to our product : its ease of use and its safety. How do we ensure it ? By conducting specific usability testing.

In short, as our product development progresses, we are currently immersed in the summative usability assessment of our kidney IVD test, encompassing both the kit and software components. This phase is aiming at verifying/validating the user interfaces while taking into account the human factor (essentially checking the ease of use and the safety/risk management).

📌In pursuit of this objective, two Medical Biology Engineers from a leading French University Hospital biology lab visited our own molecular biology lab. Without prior knowledge of the product, they conducted tests solely relying on the provided instructions for use. These tests were conducted independently on two separate days under the supervision of our team.

We are pleased to announce that the product has met all of our expectations.

This testing phase also provided valuable insights that we will leverage to enhance the handling and comprehension of the test’s modus operandi.  Similar tests will soon be conducted in other EU countries and the US.