We represented Pays de la Loire at French Tech Rise

We’ve just returned from French Tech Rise! Frédéric Pette presented BioMAdvanced Diagnostics in front of significant investors.

Two reasons why it was such a big deal:

1️⃣Of course, it provided an excellent opportunity for exposure and served as a valuable discovery platform for venture capitalists.

2️⃣Following a rigorous selection process, BioMAdvanced Diagnostics was chosen to represent the Pays de la Loire as a promising medtech. This achievement is substantial, especially considering the abundance and quality of technological entrepreneurship in Nantes and the wider region.

What went on at the event ?

We were among the 20 “champion” startups from the « Metropole » and Outre-mer to have been selected.

Each start-up gave a 3-minute presentation followed by a 2-minute Q&A session. Subsequently, we had a private exchange lasting 15 minutes with 4 venture capitalists participating in the event. The details of the rest of the discussions will, of course, remain confidential 😊

The event took place at the Ministry of Finance in Bercy, under the high patronage of Jean-Noël Barrot, the Minister in charge of Digital in France, and in the presence of Claire Chappaz, Director of FrenchTech.

French Tech Rise genesis

Recognizing that a significant number of startups funded in France by venture capitalists are concentrated in Paris and the Île-de-France region, BPI France organized this competition to spotlight promising startups in other French regions. This was the 3rd edition.