Unveiling the commercial name of our first product

Exciting Milestone for BioMAdvanced Diagnostics! We’re thrilled to unveil the commercial name for our project formerly known as “SRDK0921”: BioMAdvanced Kidney SCR Score. Along with its new name, we’re also introducing its dedicated logo, aligning closely with our established corporate identity now protected and registered across the EU, USA, and Japan.

Why this name ?

We will have other applications following this one, it was therefore mandatory to precise both the target organ and condition in the name.

The “SCR” in the name stands for Sub-Clinical Rejection, pinpointing the test’s unique focus and specialization.

BioMAdvanced Kidney SCR Score is one of the few tests completely specific and dedicated to detecting early the absence of SCR of a kidney transplant, providing specific insights that are critical for early intervention and a true personalized medicine approach.

Next steps

As we move into the final clinical phase with results anticipated by year-end, our focus shifts towards achieving a CE mark by end of 2025. Next on our launch roadmap, we are now actively seeking a commercial partner to prepare for a successful European market launch.