Q1.2024 Recap – Key highlights

Our first 3 months of 2024 have already been marked by several key milestones, enabling us to stay confident about our current scheduled roadmap and to prepare for a global launch.

📢 New License Agreement: this exciting license opens a market of 25 million patients worldwide suffering from cancer or kidney failure and at risk for an irreversible muscular atrophy.

✨ Bpifrance CLUB EXCELLENCE Selection. Among the 200,000 companies supported by Bpifrance, only 2,000 companies, including startups, small and medium-size companies (PME), and intermediary size companies (ETI), have been chosen.

📈 ISO 13485 – we successfully completed the audit for ISO 13485 certification of our quality system and we are officially certified. This is a big deal as companies involved in the development and manufacturing of Medical Devices are REQUIRED to have a Certified Quality System in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard.

🧪 RNA Export Authorization: we are now authorized to export RNA extracted from human blood to partner laboratories in Europe as part of the development of our first in vitro diagnostics test (targeting patients with a kidney transplant).  

🌍 « BioMadvanced Diagnostics » and its logo successfully registered as Trademarks in the USA.  Another step in our journey towards delivering great diagnostics solutions to transplanted patients and their clinicians around the world.

🛠 Usability Testing:

Crucial to our product : its ease of use and its safety. We conducted a series of tests and were able to conclude that our current product (kit and software components) met all of our expectations.

Stay tune for other upcoming milestones