New Licence Agreement Opening a New Market

New licence agreement opening a market of 25 million patients worldwide suffering from cancer or kidney failure and at risk for an irreversible muscular atrophy

In 2023, we signed an agreement with Clermont Auvergne Innovation aiming at securing an exclusive license on a patent owned by the Université Clermont Auvergne, the CHU de Clermont-Ferrand and INRAE protecting a technology enabling the early muscular atrophy diagnosis/prognosis for patients suffering from cancer or kidney failure.

In short this agreement was an option that we yet needed to exercise as for us to confidently move forward, 3 additional steps were needed from Clermont Auvergne Innovation :

  • The analysis of Freedom to Operate (FTO) on this patent. We needed to be sure that the use of genes had not been protected in similar applications. All of our patents have passed this step of freedom to operate. This one too.
  • A market research with clinicians to validate the actual need for the test. The study was commissioned and supervised by the team at Clermont Auvergne Innovation and confirmed the potential value of the test. Also, we have now confirmation of the prevalence of the problem as well as the patient journey.
  • A significant increase in the size of the patient population on which they had carried out the first tests was also expected .

It only took the Clermont teams 6 months to accomplish those 3 steps. This rapid execution and the quality of the outcome underscores the remarkable efficiency of these teams.

Consequently, we have converted the option into a tangible reality by officially signing the definitive license agreement. This pivotal move opens the door to a vast market encompassing 25 million patients globally, grappling with cancer or kidney failure and facing the looming threat of irreversible muscular atrophy.

Clermont Auvergne innovation has been investing for years in the promotion of research work to boost the competitiveness of businesses through research. On this project, all the planets were aligned: excellent, motivated and responsive researchers, exciting results and a dynamic company, kindness with which it was a pleasure to negotiate to find an agreement that delighted both parties. Now the ball is in their court but we will continue to carefully follow their development and why not consider other projects together? Thank you so much

Yannick IZOARD, General Manager Clermont Auvergne Innovation

We are thrilled to add this new application to our pipeline. It expands our reach to millions of patients who will benefit from our technology… it also enables BioMAdvanced Diagnostics to get to work with the great team of scientists at Université Clermont Auvergne, the CHU of Clermont and INRAE.

Frédéric Pette, BioMAdvanced Diagnostics CEO