New Exclusive License

A test for 25 million patients worldwide suffering from cancer or kidney failure and at risk for an irreversible muscular atrophy.

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics has signed an agreement with Clermont Auvergne Innovation aiming at securing an exclusive license on a patent owned by the Université Clermont Auvergne, the CHU de Clermont-Ferrand and INRAE protecting a technology enabling the early muscular atrophy diagnosis/prognosis for patients suffering from cancer or kidney failure.

This is particularly important as the existing diagnostic tools are either too imprecise or expensive and clinicians are relatively blind on the evolution of their patients on this aspect. Yet, it is crucial to prevent muscular atrophy as it is irreversible when clinically perceptible and is a severe adverse event for the patients, jeopardizing their treatments.

It is estimated that about 25 million patients worldwide are potentially eligible each year for a test that would be repeated at least once or twice a year.

« Clermont Auvergne Innovation is delighted by the prospect of such an effective collaboration with a rapidly developing Start-up which finds in the technology of our shareholder INRAe, and our partner CHU Clermont, a solution which both contributes to its growth and responds to a major challenge for patients and their doctors”

Pierre Charles Romond, President Clermont Auvergne Innovation.

« We are thrilled to add this new application to our pipeline as it expands our reach to millions of patients who will benefit from our technology. It also enables BioMAdvanced Diagnostics to get to work with a great Team of scientists”.

Frederic Pette, CEO BioMAdvanced Diagnostics

About Clermont Auvergne Innovation :
Clermont Auvergne Innovation is an entity created by the Université Clermont Auvergne to be the interface between the university’s research laboratories and its partners, including companies, by simplifying and accelerating collaboration processes in order to increase the number of these interactions.