[Milestone] Our entire supply chain is up and running.

This week, we have shipped the 1st batch of our 1st product (the IVD* test of absence of subclinical rejection for patients who received a kidney transplant) !

The 3 samples taken randomly out of the batch have successfully passed the Quality Control and are going to be used in our 1st clinical trial for which all patients have been recruited.

This is a major step in our development as it means that our entire supply chain has now been built. Great job from the team with special mention to Nicolas Bouler and Madeleine Rambeau who have relentlessly conducted all the activities ranging from selection to negotiation to Quality Agreement redaction down to project management to get all the pieces together.

👏Kudos also to the Lab team (Marion Cadoux, Lise Letellier and Steven Roblin) who have supported the whole process from a technical point of view and helped make this 1st a complete success. Two other kidney product batches are going to follow shortly, all destined to clinical trials and further validations.

 *IVD : In Vitro Diagnostics