Design freeze of our software platform

Another great step for BioMAdvanced Diagnostics as this week, we have frozen the design of our software platform and entered the analytical validation phase.

🧪For memory, we develop an in vitro diagnostic platform that combines highly targeted and refined genic signatures into a cloud-based calculation algorithm that delivers composite scores aiming at helping clinicians in taking clinical decisions for chronic diseases patients.

✔The first applications will concern the improvement of kidney or lung transplanted patients’ follow up. The identification of biomarkers to evaluate, predict and diagnose the risk of transplant rejection will provide clinicians with ways of better anticipating and adapting their patients’ treatment. The goal being to reduce as much as possible numerous secondary effects.

📌This software design completion step is particularly important. Each test will use the same software, meaning that each additional application will necessitate only the design of the physical component used for the genic signature, the software part being leveraged across the board.