23 September 2021


We are particularly pleased to be able to communicate the creation of the company BioMAdvanced Diagnostics, a BioTech/MedTech start-up from Nantes, spinoff from the CRTI lab (Centre de Recherche en Transplantation et Immunologie, UMR 1064, INSERM – Nantes University) and from the University Hospital (CHU) of Nantes, which aims to offer companion molecular diagnostic and biomarker tests related to the immune response of patients. On the basis of a common technological base, the first applications will concern: 1) improving the follow-up of patients who have received a kidney or lung transplant, and 2) determining the best drug to administer to patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). These tests are designed to be integrated into standard diagnostic and treatment protocols, easy to use by staff caring for targeted patients. Predictive scores are produced using algorithms based on the combination of signatures from the expression of selected genes and clinical parameters.

The tests will be offered for sale from 2025 in the form of “hybrid” products composed of both a physical kit for analysis by qPCR and access to a server in the Cloud hosting the algorithm allowing the finalization. and the interpretation of the composite score. This score will be used by clinicians to guide their action.

The founders’ team is made up of 5 members: Frédéric Pette and Nicolas Bouler, executive managers, Sophie Brouard and Richard Danger, researchers at CRTI and at the University Hospital (CHU) of Nantes (Sophie being also Director of Research with the CNRS), and main inventors of the patents, and finally Jean-Michel Bouler, Director at CEISAM and Director of Research (University of Nantes).

Frédéric, the President of the company and currently the main investor, brings, in addition to most of the initial funds, his experience as a qualified international manager in the field of medical devices and will have a more specific focus on general strategy of the company, marketing, sales and investor relations. Nicolas has 20 years of experience in the R&D of complex medical devices, regulatory affairs and Quality management systems. He will naturally be in charge of these 3 areas of activity. Sophie is a world thought leader in the field of the relationship between transplantation and the immune system. She will take on the role of leader of the scientific and clinical advisory boards thanks to her extensive network in the fields of interest to the company. Richard is a research engineer with a PhD in immunology who has gained international fame and will be the point of reference for technical developments in technology. Jean-Michel brings his expertise in intellectual property management (patents), and in public / private cooperation, he will also be in charge of the medium and long term product roadmap. An international Scientific & Strategic Council will soon complete the team.