BioMAdvanced Diagnostics receives the “Aide au Développement Deeptech (ADD)” Grant from BPI France

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics has received a €900K grant from BPI France which confirms its “DeepTech” status.

Nantes, February 2023

The BPI France “Aide au Développement Deeptech (ADD)” Grant is reserved for startups which develop highly technological innovations.
The funding will help the company go through the 2nd stage of development for its Kidney rejection test (the analytical validation), get through a 1st clinical study and another clinical study started.

“For us, the grant is not only a great financial help but also a key recognition of the significance of our innovations.” Frédéric Pette, BioMAdvanced Diagnostics CEO

About BioMAdvanced Diagnostics :

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics is a MedTech start-up based in Nantes, spinoff from the CR2TI (Centre de Recherche Translationnelle en Transplantation et Immunologie, UMR 1064, INSERM – Nantes University) and from the University Hospital (CHU) of Nantes.

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics brings a real disruption in the field of Biomarkers related to the Immune System based on 20 years of translational research. Its main goal is to enable a really personalized medicine which will greatly improve outcomes for the patient by providing unprecedented tools to clinicians.

More specifically, great attention is being placed towards diminishing risks for patients through minimal invasive solutions which will enable very substantial cost reductions for the Health Systems.

The first applications will concern the improvement of kidney or lungs transplanted patients’ follow up. The identification of biomarkers to evaluate, predict and diagnose the risk of transplant rejection will provide clinicians with ways of better anticipating and adapting their patients’ treatment. The goal being to reduce as much as possible numerous secondary effects. BioMAdvanced Diagnostics Tests will provide predictive scores and will be easily integrated into diagnostic and standard treatment protocols, easy to use by medical practitioners.