BioMAdvanced Diagnostics confirms its growth with a new financing of 1.4 million euros

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics has just completed a second tranche of fundraising with two of its investors. Sodero Gestion and Pays de la Loire Participation (managed by Siparex) renew their confidence in the company and grant it 500,000 Euros, following the fundraising in September 2022.

The second part of the funding comes from Bpifrance’s Deeptech Development Aid (ADD), reserved for startups that develop highly technological innovations. This aid consists of 300,000 euros in subsidies and 600,000 euros in a zero-interest loan.

“More than a financial aid, it is also the recognition of the importance of our innovations and the validation of its DeepTech status within La Frenchcare ecosystem. » says Frédéric Pette, co-founder and President of BioMAdvanced Diagnostics.

In addition to being a very strong signal of confidence from shareholders, this new funding round makes the startup eligible for potential European funding via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

“After the first investment in BioMAdvanced Diagnostics, granting the second tranche of funding was a natural fit. The team working alongside the management team rolls out the announced plan with rigor and has a strong ability to achieve ambitious objectives. ” adds Valérie Allain-Dupré, Director of Investments at Sodero Gestion.

“The experience and seniority of the team allows a rare speed of execution in such a young company. The company is advancing at a remarkable speed and the scientific council is very involved in making the product as efficient as possible.” concludes Killian du Réau, investment manager at Siparex.

This funding allows BioMAdvanced Diagnostics to launch its first clinical study with the University Hospital of Nantes on more than 450 samples from patients who have undergone a transplant.

On the 11th of july, Frédéric PETTE was interviewed on BFM Business. You can listen to the full interview 11 minutes into the replay –