3rd license

[Lung Product] BioMAdvanced Diagnostics has just signed an exclusive unlimited license with the @SATT Ouest Valorisation for the patent titled “A blood gene score to prognose chronic lung allograft dysfunction”. This license completes the existing license the company holds for two other patents related to lung transplantation follow-up.

Frédéric Pette, CEO of BioMAdvanced Diagnostics declared:

“This new patent strengthens our intellectual property position regarding the lung transplant rejection test. It completes very well the initial two patents by incorporating the algorithm part into the already protected gene signatures. I want to warmly thank Hervé  Le Deit, Vincent Lamande and the whole SATT Ouest Valorisation team, with a special mention to the legal team, for a very quick, balanced and professional process leading to the signature of this new license.”

✔SATT Ouest Valorisation manages the IP on behalf of INSERM, @Nantes Université and the CHU de Nantes.

🧪Amongst the inventors behind this 3rd patent are no other than our co-founders Sophie Brouard and Richard Danger.

Key dates for our roadmap :

  • The CR2TI (Center for Research in Transplantation and Translational Immunology) on behalf of INSERM filed the patent application with the European Patent Office (EPO) last june.  
  • The US Patent & Trademark Office has just granted the last part of the 2nd patent.
  • The lung transplantation rejection test has been fully designed in 2023, and in 2024 are expected the analytical validation as well as the completion of the 1st clinical trial.