03 February 2022


It is with great excitement that BioMAdvanced Diagnostics is announcing that SATT Ouest Valorisation has granted the company an exclusive license for three patents relating to the diagnosis of patients who have undergone kidney and/or lung transplantation. The technology comes from the research work of Dr Sophie Brouard, Dr Richard Danger (both BioMAdvanced co-founders) and Pr Magali Giral, from the CR2TI UMR 1064 laboratory, as well as Dr Pierre-Joseph Royer and Pr Magnan, from the UMR 1087 INSTITUT DU THORAX laboratory. The supervisory bodies of CR2TI UMR 1064 are Nantes University and INSERM. The supervisory bodies of UMR 1087 INSTITUT DU THORAX are Nantes University, INSERM and CNRS. Nantes University Hospital is a partner of both laboratories. SATT Ouest Valorisation is also considering a future equity investment in the company under conditions that were the subject of a technology investment agreement signed at the same time as the license agreement.

“BioMAdvanced Diagnostics now has the means to contribute to profoundly transform the protocols for monitoring patients affected by immune system disorders, in France and internationally, thanks to the technological base combining genomic signatures and algorithms which is based on the intellectual property transferred by this agreement. The company is accelerating the innovation process in close collaboration with researchers, which will make it possible to rapidly offer novel solutions for the benefit of patients, their clinicians and the community in general. The entire BioMAdvanced Diagnostics team is very proud of the trust shown to carry out these projects. explains Frederic Pette, President of BioMAdvanced Diagnostics

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