27 January 2022


It is with great pride that BioMAdvanced Diagnostics is announcing that in December, BPI France granted the company a French Tech Emergence (BFTE) grant. Intended for young companies with real growth potential registered in France, less than one year old, and meeting the European definition of a Small Business, this financing aims to support projects qualified as “Deeptech”, i.e., all breakthrough innovation projects with high technological content and requiring a phase of maturation and technical and economic validation (business model, technological feasibility, evolution of uses, ergonomics-interface, service design, tests, etc.).

The term “Deeptech” qualifies projects based on technologies or combinations of technologies that meet the following criteria:

  • Originated from a research laboratory (public/private) and/or relying on a team/governance with strong ties to the scientific world (scientific profile/key technology),
  • Which present high barriers to entry, materialized by technological barriers that are difficult to remove,
  • Which constitute a highly differentiating advantage compared to existing offers,
  • Characterized by a long/complex go-to-market (development, industrialization, marketing) and therefore probably capital-intensive.

This recognition allows the BioMAdvanced Diagnostics project to confirm its credibility and ambition. The financing will make it possible to accelerate the development of the test for kidney transplant patients, which is the first application of the technological platform designed by the company.

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics would like to thank BPI France for its support.