12 January 2022


BioMAdvanced Diagnostics is thrilled to announce that in December it held its 1st Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). In addition to Dr Sophie Brouard who leads the SAB, Pr Jean-Michel Bouler and Dr Richard Danger (who are co-founders), 3 international thought leaders have agreed to dedicate their attention and skills to the Board: Dr Azucena Salas from the Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi I Sunyer (IDIBAPS), Hospital Clinic (Barcelona, Spain), Pr Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo from the King’s College London and Dr Françoise Simon from Columbia University and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, (it is to be noted that it is a personal commitment from these academic leaders that does not imply any link between the company and their respective teaching and research institutions). The board has been designed with complementarity and excellence in mind:

  • Dr Sophie Brouard: Advisory Board’s head lead the work about Clinical topics
  • Pr Alberto Sanchez Fueyo, leads the transplantation related arguments
  • Pr Françoise Simon leads the discussions around the Startup Development
  • Pr Azucena Salas leads the inflammation related themes
  • Dr Richard Danger leads the thinking about Technology
  • Pr Jean-Michel Bouler leads the work dealing with Prospective

The SAB meets quarterly, and 1 on 1 interactions occur regularly in between whenever necessary in function of the tasks on hand. Combining the highest level of scientific and academic expertise to real life startup building experience, the SAB will enable BioMADvanced Diagnostics to tackle the upcoming natural challenges with the best preparation available.

The company wishes to thank warmly its members for their already remarkable contributions.