07 October 2021


We are particularly pleased to announce that the company BioMAdvanced Diagnostics, in the person of its President and co-founder Frédéric Pette, has received the support of the Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique which has granted him an honorary loan. As a new member, Frédéric participates in all the network activities which help securing the entire entrepreneurial process. All the staff and associates of BioMAdvanced Diagnostics would like to thank the Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique for the trust shown and the chance to join this community of entrepreneurs.

Here is the link towards the announcement from the Réseau Entreprendre Atlantique

Frédéric PETTE, BioMAdvanced Diagnostics


As a reminder, BioMAdvanced Diagnostics, a BioTech/MedTech start-up from Nantes, a spinoff from the CRTI laboratory (Centre de Recherche en Transplantation et Immunologie, UMR 1064, INSERM – University of Nantes) and from the University Hospital (CHU) of Nantes, which aims to offer companion molecular diagnostic tests and biomarkers in connection with the immune response of patients. On the basis of a common technological base, the first applications will concern: 1) improving the follow-up of patients who have received a kidney or lung transplant, and 2) determining the best drug to administer to patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). These tests are designed to be integrated into standard diagnostic and treatment protocols, easy to use by staff caring for targeted patients. Predictive scores are produced using algorithms based on the combination of signatures from the expression of selected genes and clinical parameters.